Smart Phones Security – Current Protection

By | August 29, 2019

So no doubt that the number of smart phones in circulation will increase, both corporate and equity, people will want to use their phones to connect to the company to receive their mail and work with other resources. However, many of those who regularly take precautions on their computers and laptops do not realize that the same is made to the telephones as well. This creates a potential threat to the networks to which they connect. Some of these threats are: Viruses and other malicious software that is passed through a telephone network; The loss or theft of mobile phones containing the identification data for a network connection; The loss or theft of mobile phones containing sensitive company data in the form of letters to e-mail, documents, photographs, etc.; Malicious software that allows an attacker to listen to telephone conversations; Attack from a short distance, using Bluetooth, as well as attacks based on Wi-Fi; Cross-service attacks that use the interaction between the various networks, such as Wi-Fi network and 3G network, according to Smart Phones need smart security practices (2011).

Currently, the protection of smart phones is necessary to combine two products: antivirus / anti spam and solutions for comprehensive protection (blocking ports, encryption, centralized management and auditing). However, none of the products under test showed full functionality. From anti-virus / anti-spam solutions for small businesses with greater benefits, there is a “Kaspersky Lab”, which is a non-centralized product. If it is a serious organization, the leader – is Symantec. Panda Security for smart phones is suitable only for personal use on smart phones Symbian. Of solutions for comprehensive protection for all tests there was determined the clear leader – Guardian Edge Smartphone Protection.


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