By | August 29, 2019

The following site- also shows the impact of sexism on various advertisements due to the feminist revolution. While looking through 25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads, we may also find the previously mentioned ones and some other ads.(Adams) This site is also not rather informative as we can simply see the ads but we can’t read anything useful about the changes after the feminist revolution. The only thing that can be obviously seen is that now the society doesn’t tend to “offend” women.

Finally, would like to take one site apart from the ads. Hence, the last site to be examined is It should be said that this site proves to be rather helpful for both female and male, and what’s more, it shows the ways parents bring their children up. In addition, there is a new term “benevolent sexism”, including polite manners and gentlemanly behaviors which are likely to reward women for their typical feminine behavior. Thus, this can be rather harmful. To my point of view, this site is the best one because it shows that there are several things that should be done to improve the general relationships and positions of men and women. However, men and women are not the same and after all, women have to remain feminine whereas men should definitely be masculine.

To sum up, the role of women has changed a lot after the feminist revolution, the society doesn’t “offend” women any more, and what’s more, the women are becoming more and more, powerful, independent and successful. Besides, now women are able to show sexism about men while men, in their turn, are regarded as an “outstanding social crime” when showing any little sexism to women.



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