Sex Education: Future of the World

By | August 29, 2019

However, some people see disadvantages in sex education. For example, a person may feel forced to try sex in the early age, thinking that he knows everything about it. Good intentions of teachers can turn the situation to promoting sex, and students may misunderstand the whole issue and its importance. “Learning about sex before being mature enough to handle the importance and consequences can sometimes lead to promiscuity and even perversion.”, as described in Disadvantages of sex education. Also, many students will be left with many questions about sex and some will try to explore the issue. As well, considering the religious children in school, this kind of education is not permitted and even offensive. And moreover, some parents prefer to explain children about the issue themselves, on different examples and ready to answer their questions.

All in all, sex education in schools is a contradictive issue, which makes it rather challenging to determine what is best for children and how to avoid problems. Also, many teenagers are still in the power of myths. Besides, some guys and girls think that the very first sexual intercourse in life can not cause pregnancy, etc.

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