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Self-help Programs for Criminals.

Overview Today, the prison population grows, while cases of recidivism become more and more frequent. Existing programs and policies conducted by law enforcement agencies and public organizations turn out to be inefficient and unable to prevent recidivism. Project summary The project will focus on the elaboration and implementation of self-help programs, which combine education and… Read More »


3. What are the most important concepts that you have learned in this course MANAGEMENT: RESPONSIBILITIES & PRACTICE? What are the most important things you have learned about yourself? The most important concepts learned in this course are the concept of responsibility of managers, their ability to keep progressing and develop effective communication. At the… Read More »

Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III

Jumping on the wall of fire, he destroyed anothermachine gun with grenades before he was fatallywounded bursting grenades and machine gun fire.Resolute and indomitable, Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III, itsdurability, great personal courage and heroism inextreme conditions almost certain death, inspiredhis men to sweep on, overrun and finally to solvethe problem. His tenacious courage throughoutreflects… Read More »

Rural Tourism and Hospitality

For instance, it is possible to speak about ecotourism. In fact, it is a relatively new trend and it does not imply the attraction of a large number of customers and there are objective reasons for such a situation. In fact, often local facilities cannot afford the presence of a large number of customers at… Read More »

Severe Core Activity Limitation: Diabetes

Causes On analyzing causes of diabetes, it is worth mentioning the fact that diabetes is mainly provoked by the lifestyle and genetics of patients. What is meant here is the fact that some patients are predisposed to the development of diabetes genetically because their ancestors suffered from diabetes that increases the risk of the development… Read More »

Ruth May Poisonwood Bible Analysis

Character depiction and casting The characters should include Ruth May, a five years old girl. Three African children living in Kilanga are two boys and one girl. The characters encounter each other. At first, they attempt to speak, but fail to understand each other Physical position and expression Ruth is just walking down the village.… Read More »

Sex Education: Future of the World

However, some people see disadvantages in sex education. For example, a person may feel forced to try sex in the early age, thinking that he knows everything about it. Good intentions of teachers can turn the situation to promoting sex, and students may misunderstand the whole issue and its importance. “Learning about sex before being… Read More »

Safety and Health Evaluation

a) In an assembly area that was installed recently, workers have to bend to the groundthroughout the day to attach several small parts onto a large and heavy vehicle component. Some workers have begun to develop lower back pain, likely due to therepetitive bending. The manual force was not replaced with automatic equipment due economic… Read More »

San Gabriel Mission in California

Interesting Facts about San Gabriel Mission are: Mission San Gabriel is the only one with Moorish architecture, Settlers from Mission San Gabriel founded the city of Los Angeles, Mission San Gabriel has no bell tower – the bells are in a separate wall, and Mission San Gabriel is the oldest structure of its kind south… Read More »