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Solutions to the Problem of Violent Crime in the Bahamian Society

The other solution to the problem of violent crime in the Bahamian society is based on the reduction of the high unemployment rate in the Bahamas. It is known that Alex Sokoloff, a well-known political and economic advisor for the embassy in the Bahamas, states that “various economic conditions, such as unemployment are the driving… Read More »


In 2004, PepsiCo made the following changes to its organizational structure (Lynch, p. 575): PepsiCo Beverages International and Frito-Lay International were merged into one division, PepsiCo International, in order to use competitive positions of both product chains to create international strengths; Pepsi Cola North America and Gatorade/Tropicana North America were untied into PepsiCo Beverages North… Read More »

Attacks of 9/11 | Just War Theory

The recognition of inseparable human rights has huge consequences for any Just War Theory, and the United States made this identification nominally in “The National Security Strategy of the United States”, which states that liberty is an inalienable right of each person and each civilization. As the defender against a preventive attack threatened anybody not… Read More »

Recruiting Methods

Finally, call manager can be prepared for her hiring role using several methods. First of all, she needs to pass at least introductory HR training. Secondly, she should develop criteria for selection and evaluation of employees (Bohlander & Snell, 2009), and thus prior to hiring process she should develop a portrait of a successful applicant.… Read More »

Slavery in America

During the middle of the eighteenth century the institution of slavery occupied such a strong position in America, that it developed even its unique features. Most of the slaves were concentrated in the South; there were black slaves up to ten times more than white people. In the Northern colonies black people lived in small… Read More »

Slave Trade

Apart from that, the Europeans to a great extent enslaved free population as well. They seized them during raids performed at the shores of Africa. The merchants were later awarded with the license for trading the enslaved people to the colonies of the Spanish empire. It was economically motivated, as the vast lands in America… Read More »

Sleep and Culture

  References Gupta, R., Bhatia, M., Chhabra, V., Sharma, S., Dahya, D., Semalti, K., Sapra, R., Dua, R. (2008) Sleep Patterns of School-Going Adolescents in India. Indian Pediatrics. Vol.45., March 17, 2008. Retrieved from: Martel, J. (2011) Adolescent Sleeping Habits. April 12, 2011. Retrieved from:<>


The following site- also shows the impact of sexism on various advertisements due to the feminist revolution. While looking through 25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads, we may also find the previously mentioned ones and some other ads.(Adams) This site is also not rather informative as we can simply see the ads but we can’t… Read More »

Smart Growth Transportation System

In addition, the development and construction of the smart growth transportation system takes into consideration the long-term perspective of the development of local communities and the transportation system at large. In stark contrast to highways, which were constructed to meet the current needs and to increase the transit and traffic capacity in target areas, the… Read More »

Sexual Disorders

Also, a patient may have heavy-duty conditioned reflex systems, in which natural sexual stimuli becomes the conditioned inhibitor. As a rule, most often there is formed “neurosis expectations of failure”, for example the failure of the first attempts at intercourse of life, which is undertaken in adverse conditions, gives rise to fear a repetition of… Read More »