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Specific Examples of Biotechnology Application

It is difficult to say that this type of biotechnology has any negative impacts on the society. The main disadvantage of this technology is that it has a certain risk of making a mistake. It this case the criminal can avoid punishment. The other thing is the cost of this procedure is rather high and… Read More »

Special Operations

Specialty Positions. Washington County Sheriff’s Department of Minnesota (2004). Retrieved from Office of Conduct and Standards. Complaint Procedures (2004). Retrieved from DARE Program. To Resist Drugs and Violence (2008). Retrieved from Jail Information (2004). Retrieved from Volunteer Services (2004). Retrieved from Washington County Sheriff’s Department. Patrol Division (2009). Retrieved from… Read More »


However, I need to receive professional education to obtain a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) certificate or a sonography certificate. Both certificates are valid and valuable in the contemporary health care setting. However, professionals obtaining either certificate need to meet high requirements and standards established in the field of sonography. At the same time, as I… Read More »

Solutions to the Problem of Violent Crime in the Bahamian Society

The other solution to the problem of violent crime in the Bahamian society is based on the reduction of the high unemployment rate in the Bahamas. It is known that Alex Sokoloff, a well-known political and economic advisor for the embassy in the Bahamas, states that “various economic conditions, such as unemployment are the driving… Read More »

Socrates Views on Body and Soul

Therefore, Socrates distinguishes clearly that the soul and the body are responsible for different mental states to the extent that the body can develop different mental states, whereas the soul remains unaffected by these mental states and does not interfere in the process of the formation of different mental states. In all probability, Socrates attributes… Read More »


Therefore, a social class is a relatively stable and homogeneous public establishment, which include individuals or families that have similar values, lifestyles, interests and behaviors. Henry (2005) described “social classes as communities of individuals bounded by common social status” (p. 766). Every social class is a system of conduct, a set of values and norms,… Read More »

Sociology Course Project

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Sociological Theories and Social Transformation

Central to the sociological theory of Bourdieu are the concepts of “habitus” and “social space” through which overcome the gap between macro-and microanalysis of social realities. According to Bourdieu, the objective social environment produces a habit – “a system of durable dispositions acquired; in the future, they are used by individuals as the initial installation,… Read More »

Social Security Benefits

The second article A Primer on Social Security Systems and Reforms written by Craig P. Aubuchon, Juan C. Conesa and Carlos Garriga discusses the issue concerning the role of social security systems and reforms in the life of all individuals. Moreover, the authors of the article represent an overview of different social security systems including… Read More »

Social networks

The rise in popularity of blogs and social networks is supported by many sociological studies conducted by leading analytical agencies around the world. The most well-known international networks include: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Classmates, LinkedIn, Friendster, etc. Today there is a number of trends, which are pushing for the development of social networks around the world:… Read More »